We provide a very comprehensive SDK to simplify integrating Portal devices in existing software wallets.

Our SDK is fully asynchronous and implements the logic to establish a secure communication channel with the device and then serialize, exchange messages, and retrasmit packets in case of failure.

The SDK act as a black box: as a user you will only deal with binary blobs being sent to and from the device. You don’t have to parse any of them, simply dispatch them to the library which will do everything else.

The library is written in Rust, but bindings for most the major mobile platforms are available: we currently support Kotlin, Swift and Flutter, with React Native also coming soon.

If you’d like to integrate the Portal in your mobile app, please get in touch with us at Eligible projects (chosen at our discretion) will receive an onboarding kit with a free Portal device, along with examples, documentation and a dedicated support channel.